Former Apple CEO John Sculley launched Obi Mobiles


In order to be competitive with these brands Obi Mobiles smart-phones will range in price between $70 and $200 depending on the device specification details.

Sculley explains that what will make Obi stand out is a unique distinctive design. Obi could very well become a big brand if John Sculley’s campaign will turn out to be a success. The company plans to do extensive branding campaigns and ensure global distribution of their devices.

In order to guarantee the success several Apple alumni were hired at Obi Mobiles. Chief designer behind Beats Electronics and former director of industrial design at Apple Robert Brunner is only one of the big names hired by Obi Mobiles. When asked about their specific target and strategy John Sculley declared the following: “We are very focused on the younger (13 to 24 year old) consumers – many may aspire to an iPhone because it’s a beautiful product, but they may not have hundreds of dollars”


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