Bonus raid mode offered for all Resident Evil Revelations 2 pre-orders


What’s important to be noted for new game fans is that this game is not part of the main “Resident Evil” line.

The first game “Resident Evil Revelations” was also split into multiple episodes also. Michiteru Okabe declared the following during an interview at New York Comic Con: “the way the story is presented, it was done in an episodic format, almost like a television show. We wanted to take that to the next level, so we thought it’d make sense to release one week at a time.”

Starting with October 14 Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be available for pre-order on PS4 and later this month for PS3. Players who will pre-order the game will get Raid Mode Throwback Pack for free. The cost will be of $25 up front for all episodes instead of $5.99 per episode but the game fans won’t get to play the episodes until each is released. The full retail release will cost around $40.


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