Windows 8 users to get Windows 9 as free update


According to different news publications Andreas Diantoro, the President of Microsoft Indonesia, has confirmed earlier this week some of the existing rumours. Once Windows 9 will be released it will be available free as charge as an update to all licensed Windows 8 users. The update would reportedly be available to be downloaded from Microsoft’s website and will not come through the usual Windows Updates.

However, starting with Windows 9 it is rumoured that users will be able to do future operating system updates with a single click of a button. Such a feature is already built into internal versions of Windows 9. For now it is currently unknown if Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 users will get any discounts if they want to switch to Windows 9. No matter of what Microsoft decides in this direction the upcoming Windows 9 has some nice added features which could make any old Windows users consider updating. Some of the major features which will come with Windows 9 can be seen in many videos which were uploaded to popular social media websites by people who got their hands on pre-builds before the technical preview version which is expected to be released soon.


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