“Strati” – a 3D printed car built from thermoplastic, ready to go !


It was built by Local Motors, an American motor vehicle manufacturing company focused on low-volume manufacturing of open-source motor vehicle designs using multiple microfactories, with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It took to the manufacturer only 45 hours to build this car. The 3D printed car has a range of up to 120 miles and a maximum speed of 40 mph. It’s a two-seater electric car made from fully recyclable material (it can even be chopped up and reprocessed back into another car). Local Motors CEO John Rogers said that in a matter of months a such vehicle will be 3D printed in 24 or even 10 hours. They plan to sell Strati for $18,000 to $30,000 later this year. Strati was designed by by Michele Anoé of Italy. To choose design it was a contest with over 200 participants from more than 30 countries. Specialists think that 3D printing will drive a new era in automotive manufacturing.


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