Diablo 3 Launch day


Yesterday evening dozens of people stood for hours waiting for the stores to let them in to buy a copy of the most anticipated game of the year: Diablo 3. All around the world when the start for the launch was given fans rushed in to make sure they grab the game and get to play Diablo 3.



But who can blame them. There were so many players online on battle-net that the servers were over-crowded just few hours after the launch date. Many Diablo 3 gamers reported not being able to play Diablo 3 online because of server errors.


Australia pre-orders were not filled and Diablo 3 did not hit the shelves of stores from Australia. Fourtanetly Blizzard answered the cries for help of fans that pre-ordered the game and through a transfer allowed them to donwload Diablo 3 from the Blizzard server.


The most popular character in Diablo 3 is the Barbarian. It's no surprise since the Barbarian race was also the most played-with in Diablo 2 as well. Got an apettite for the game yet? If so then buy Diablo 3 online.