Pre-order iPhone 6 starting at $500


The Los Angeles based company is also taking pre-orders for the standard iPhone from Apple with a pre-order price starting at $500. The more expensive variants go for anything between $4495 to $8395 as these are encrusted in diamonds.

Apple’s upcoming smart-phone is one of the most talked about smart-phones right now. iPhone 6 has lately been in a constant spotlight as rumors regarding its new design, A8 CPU and its other features circulated the media. Whether you decide to pre-order the device through a company like Brikk or just wait for the device to be available from Apple you should consider the fact that iPhone 6 is currently expected to be a big hit and thus to generate a total frenzy because of the buzz it already has around its name.

Market analysts also credit Apple’s good stock position to this buzz and believe that if this trend continues then stock prices could reach a year record high in 2015.


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