FCC investigates causes of Netflix-Verizon dispute


“The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback…”

Netflix is known to get involved with many broadband providers in order to improve delivery. The company has successfully employed such a deal with Comcast in the past. At the first sign of congested routes in case of video streaming from Netflix on the Verizon network, Netflix officials contacted the company. Since the month of April Netflix and Verizon had a direct customer connection that the internet provider offered as a paid solution.

According to a blog post made on the streaming media content provider’s website the ISPs are not holding their end of the bargain. Joris Evers, a Netflix spokesman detailed: “Netflix does not purposely select congested routes. We pay some of the world’s largest transit networks to deliver Netflix video right to the front door of an ISP. Where the problem occurs is at that door – the interconnection point – when the broadband provider hasn’t provided enough capacity to accommodate the traffic their customer requested. Some broadband providers argue that our actions, and not theirs, are causing a degraded Netflix experience”

The Federal Communications Commission is playing the role of mediator and is mainly trying to find out whether consumers were harmed or not. Chairman Tom Wheeler detailed described the process and mentioned that the FCC is “collecting information, not regulating,”. Both Verizon and Netflix welcomed the FCC’s efforts.


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