Screenshot leak shows Google testing new Gmail interface


Among the noticeable changes on the new design is the replacement of the unwieldily sidebar with a side-in pane. is reportedly trying to make Gmail look more and more like a mobile email application. Buttons like Compose or Reminders have been moved to an area located at the bottom right corner. Furthermore, introduced the option to snooze emails. Snoozing an email will make it return to the top of the inbox at a later date/time. Another new feature seen in the leaked screenshots is one named “Reminders”.

also plans to link other services such as Hangouts and integrate them into the design. There’s no doubt that all these changes are intended to target mobile browsers but might just try to make a responsive design that looks and feels great on both desktop and mobile. The leaked screenshot is consistent with Google’s overall redesign strategy on other owned services. The company introduced the three bar button in the desktop version of Youtube only some months ago. And while some users might think it was a bad call from Google, statistics show how this one move helped Google increase the total number of page views its video sharing service was getting.


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