Sony will release the next PS4 software update on April 30th


It seems that although playing digital game copies has been an easy thing on PCs, console manufacturers were never able to provide the same experience for gamers that want to play digital games from their living rooms.

The next big firmware which was announced by Sony will arrive on April 30th. The company explained that after applying this update gamers will be able to easily play digital game copies. More than that in case of pre-ordered games any game owner will be able to play the game immediately after it’s released. The way Sony plans to avoid high peaks for its servers that store the game kits is to allow pre ordered games to be downloaded “up to several days in advance.”

Game publishers will most likely have the final word in deciding how early a game can be downloaded before its release. Microsoft is also considering a similar approach for its Xbox One console even though for now it doesn’t offer anything like this. The 1.70 firmware for PlayStation 4 will also include ShareFactory. This application will be Sony’s rich video editor software which will allow gamers enhance and personalize their recorded game clips or other videos. Once video editing is finished the output could be exported to any USB storage device.


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