Influential woman developer leaves GitHub over alleged harassment


The news might come as a surprise to many people who have been using or even have been collaborating with GitHub. The company tried through various talk series to promote the role of women in Technology for quite some time now. The creator of these monthly talk series is none other than developer Julie Ann Horvath.

Horvath did not yet go into much detail regarding what caused her to quit the company but through her tweets she hints towards gender harassment. Her words on Twitter were: “I regret defending GitHub’s culture to feminists for the last two years… Don’t stand for aggressive behaviour that’s disguised as ‘professional feedback’ and demand that harassment isn’t tolerated,”

She even admitted of being “accused of having an ego because I demand to be treated with respect and talked to like a human”. In the meantime GitHub began hiring more women. The company still believes that women are becoming increasingly more important in Tech companies.


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