iOS 7.1 new software update comes with multiple annoying faults


The main argument pro switching to 7.1 was that the user interface works more smoothly on iOS 7.1 and while iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and iPad users couldn’t really feel a noticeable difference, iPhone 4 and 4S users saw an increase in performance. Unfortunately all this came at a big cost according to numerous iOS 7.1 unsatisfied users. Many chose to express their problems on Apple’s discussion forum in the hope that Apple will release a quick update to fix the current shortcomings. The company rigorously tested five versions before releasing 7.1 to the general public.

Apple developers probably didn’t have the problems iOS 7.1 users are currently experiencing. By gathering the information unhappy iPhone/iPad users left over on different social media channels the top of the most annoying faults of iOS 7.1 is the following:
-Battery drains with up to 50% faster in many of the reported cases
-An old bug where the user finds his/her contact list erased happens more often now
-Changing keyboard layouts are not functioning the way they should as in some cases the keyboard is orientated the wrong way


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