Xbox Live will display targeted political ads


This would be the first time since Microsoft wants to monetize via political funding the personalized dashboards of its gaming users. Two years ago it did something somehow similar but different in nature. Back then Microsoft created a hub for Xbox360 users where people could join and read about the elections: general news and live coverage. Microsoft will use only public information available in its existing Xbox Live members database to target specific demographics.

If you have a Kinect attached to your Xbox and you are creeped out about what might happen than there’s no need to worry. Microsoft reinforced that its current privacy policies “prohibit the collection, storage or use of Kinect data for the purpose of advertising.” Some political analysts might say Microsoft is aggressive as it uses Xbox Live’s ability to target specific groups: including different minorities and people based on gender. The truth however is that this is not the first time when political candidates considered having their campaigns advertised via games or gaming tools/interfaces. President Obama had some of his ad campaigns featured in popular games such as Tetris and Madden.


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