BlackBerry sues startup company over patent infringement


The keyboard which is now in dispute isn't yet available in any market but pre-orders can be made for Typo Products' keyboard. BlackBerry accuses the startup that its new product copies both design and technology that it developed years ago. Steve Jobs ridiculed smartphones for having hardware keyboards but now it seems that the demand for a hardware keyboard among iPhone users increased to a great extent.

The Typo keyboard is an iPhone accessory that pairs via Bluetooth with your device. The $99 accessory wraps around your iPhone thanks to its two piece iPhone back cover that also helps protecting the smartphone against scratches and dust. The keyboard is also backlit and this makes it easy for anyone to type at night. BlackBerry is not happy with this product especially since its smartphone sales plummeted after the first iPhone was launched back in 2007. Ever since BlackBerry was in troubled waters and only in the most recent quarter the company suffered a $4.4 billion loss.


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