Hewlett-Packard introduces a website meant to teach Windows 8 to its users


HP has worked lately to reduce this dependency and to strengthen the partnership it built with . Windows 8 has low adoption rates and most of Microsoft's hardware partners see the operating system as being the culprit in the recent decline of PC sales. While Microsoft's Windows 8 is considered an "uncompetitive" platform by companies such as Samsung, the operating system is still being used on desktop PCs, laptops and different tablets.

HP's website the Buzz is full of articles in which basic things like using multiple monitors or adding a touch screen to an existing PC are explained in detail so that any user can learn how to do this. The site uses media content such as video clips through-out each tutorial. HP products appear in every video and thus these videos could serve as a great way to promote the HP brand if they become viral.

In order to diversify and reduce its dependency to Microsoft HP launched this year alone almost a dozen of different devices that use Android or Chrome as operating systems. Despite all this HP will still remain dependant on Microsoft for its success for the years to come.

Website "The Buzz": http://h71057.www7.hp.com/us/en/ads/new-windows/overview.html?jumpid=va_r11260_go_newwindows


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