Xbox One matches PS4’s first day console sales


For Microsoft this was the "biggest launch in Xbox history" according to one of its spokespeople. The console was launched in 13 markets at the same time: Austria, Canada, Australia, Brazil, , Italy, France, Mexico, Spain, U.S., U.K., Ireland and while the PS4 which had similar sales figures launched in just two countries: Canada and the United States.

The successful launch was not however without problems. A situation similar to the one on PS4 happened where many reports of hardware defects emerged after people began using the console. For Microsoft's console the reports where fewer in number and all were mainly about faulty optical drives that refused to recognize game discs. This is a very old issue also seen in previous Xbox consoles. Some fans believe that Microsoft might be shipping faulty drives on purpose as there was enough time to perfect the optical drive by now.

Despite the first day problem reports Microsoft managed to offer prompt support to all worried customers via their customer service line


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