The popular Winamp player will be shut down in December


Winamp was developed by former University of Utah students Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev and its popularity was based on the capability to play mp3 music. The software was constantly high rated in many IT magazines. Actually, iTunes and streaming media services – Spotify and Pandora – are on the top.
Many Winamp’s fans remember now "the good times" expressing online their nostalgia and appreciating Winamp like this comment of the user "tekdemon:"
"While Winamp had in later years turned into a pretty bloated mess, I will miss it nonetheless. I’ll always remember when Winamp 1.x came out and was the first MP3 player that could decode MP3s without causing my Pentium 160 chip to die from all the CPU cycles being eaten up by the decoding process. Or the excellent visualizations that 2.x brought. I won’t lie, when 3.x came out and just didn’t run as well I basically just kept using 2.x until I stopped using Winamp entirely but Winamp definitely was an amazing player for it’s time. Integrated radio stations, etc…Winamp definitely was ahead of it’s time."


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