Xbox One buyers won’t be able to use their console without the day one update


Microsoft's senior director of product management declared in an interview with Engadget that a buyer "will be able to do very little without taking the day one update". After he was pressed a little Albert Penello finally answered to the question that's on all our minds – What can someone do with the console after taking it out of its box. The answer was: "Nothing. You need the day one update"

Lately there seems to be a phenomenon in the gaming world. Nowadays gaming consoles are released increasingly more often with critical bugs that require hefty updates to render them fully functional. This is the case of the PlayStation 4 and Wii U too. For PlayStation 4 one would need to apply a 300MB patch in order to be able to play Blu-ray or DVD discs. Competing in multiplayer matches is not possible either without the update. But an even better example for this terrible situation is the Wii U where owners need to apply a patch that is 5GB big in order to have their system up to date too.


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