Wii U sales tripled after price cut


Nintendo had to do something fast and because first-party games are not available for Wii U yet the company had no choice but to chop the price in order to make the game console more attractive. Thus the Wii U Deluxe Set, which used to cost $349 in stores world-wide, got a $50 price cut and the results are already visible as Nintendo saw that Wii U sales in September were already up 200%.

The price drop was accompanied by the release of "The Wind Waker HD – The Legend of Zelda". The game was included in the bundle and also contributed to the sales increase. The financial news is nothing but good news for Nintendo that will have a troubled future in the gaming industry. But for now, also thanks to the launch of the new Nintendo 2DS handheld system, the company can still compete with companies such as Sony or Microsoft in the gaming console industry


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