The new Apple iPad5 release is expected to be soon, this month


Ii is supposed that the screen size and the total weight will be lowered. The touch screen technology will be used. The screen ratio should be a revolutionary 16:9 which is an actual new trend.
Concerning the battery, the goal is to make it thinner and to have it last for days. No more details are available at the moment.
Two strong points of the iPad5 could be the implementation of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the availability of wireless charging. The camera is expected to be the same one featured in the iPhone 5S pushing the resolution to 8 megapixels.
Early commentators estimated that the price of the new iPad 5 should be varied, depending on the constructive variants, from $499 to $799.
October 15, if the release will be confirmed, is expected to be an interesting day.


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