Half-Life fans stirred up after Half-Life 3 trademark request file disappears


Half Life 3 is one of the most anticipated games to this date. This is clearly visible in various threads, messages and reactions seen on different social media platforms. There, Half Life fans world-wide have even developed an obsession for the game. Valve however did not have anything to say about what happened. Furthermore, the trademark request for Half-Life 3 "magically" disappeared from the European System. So, no, there's no Half Life 3 demo to download or even an official release date for Half-Life 3 available. Officially, Valve's biggest title which is in the works for now isn't Half-Life 3 but a project named Steam Box.

Steam Box, a quest to reinvent PC gaming, is designed to help PC gamers take over their living room. Rumors about this Valve project have been going on for a long time but more than a year ago people did not believe Valve would want to make its own hardware. Some prototypes for Valve Steam Engine Console were officially announced a few days ago. Then, Valve also supplied the specs of its Linux-based SteamOS console


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