Lamborghini is preparing to amaze the world


This solid gold Lamborghini will have an initial $7.5 million value. It will be sold by auction and $650,000 will be donated to the charity. It will be carved from a 500kg block of solid gold. In addition, some parts will be made from glass and the interior will be made from gemstones and other precious metals. The physical support is a carbon built structure. This project has also as proposals to create three entries in the New Guiness Book of Records: for the most expensive car model in the world, for the most secure container and showcase and for the most expensive Lamborghini logo.
On Lamborghini's official website, Robert Gulpen says: “My vision is to create a tribute to the legend of the automobile: the most expensive and precious car model in the world. It is to be an icon, expressing the fascinating historical development  of the automotive industry and the appreciation of people for cars all over.”


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