E-cigarettes are more effective than nicotine patches


The research was lead by a team from the University of Auckland, . Researchers conducted a clinical trial comparing the results of electronic cigarettes with those of nicotine patches for more than 650 people. The study revealed that more than 7% of the people using e-cigarettes quit smoking after six months and only less than 6% of the people that have been using nicotine patches quit smoking.

Fifty-seven percent of the people that used electronic cigarettes halved their cigarettes intake after six months. When compared to the people that used patches, smoking e-cigarettes delivered again far better results.

While the study concludes that e-cigarettes have great chances to help improve smoking cessation rates a very important piece of information is overlooked. E-cigarettes are growing in popularity and some teenagers already perceive that smoking e-cigarettes is cool. Since electronic cigarettes ensure a nicotine intake they can also produce dependency and eventually lead people to smoking real cigarettes as other studies have also shown in the past.


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