Instagram buys Luma, Luma application no longer available in Apple’s App store


Instagram's video platform was announced from the month of June. Back then we were promised that "everything we love about Instagram" will be made available for video content as well. Instagram's newly implemented video platform is based on the company's same core principles: simplicity, beauty and community.

For an undisclosed amount of money Instagram bought both the staff behind the Luma application and the existing technology. With this newly acquired technology Instagram will be able to further enhance Instagram. The Luma team will shut down its existing service until it moves everything to Instagram.

Instagram recently introduced some major video upgrades to its platform but now we could expect even more great features such as adding/removing custom filters for video content. Once users will be able to adjust contrast, brightness, switch and even remove special filters to their videos the Instagram application would be able to do many of the basic editing experts normally do with Adobe Premiere on desktop PCs.


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