Crowd-funded Ubuntu Edge project already raised more than $10 million


Some bad mouths on the internet say that Canonical are a bunch of deadbeats. But let’s not forget other great projects which were created with the help of crowd-funding. To name a few, some of these are the Ouya and the Pebble Watch. The guys behind Canonical are truly great entrepreneurs. Their campaign for Ubuntu Edge broke the long standing record of $10,266,844 for the largest ever amount got out of crowd-funding. (the old record belonged to the Pebble Watch team)

Still, $10 million ($10823187 as of now) is not enough for the campaign from Indiegogo as Canonical’s aim with their Ubuntu Edge project is $32 million. With only 5 days left only time can tell if they will raise close to an additional $21 million. The phone specs show it to be way better than Apple’s iPhone5 or Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Backers can pre-order the device for a special price of $695. Corporations that back up the project with thousands and tens of thousands of dollars can have perks as they can get special bundles from Canonical.


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