The “ELF” from Organic Transit



It can go for 1,800 miles on the energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline. It has a battery and some solar panels and it’s a real pleasure to pedal being assisted by the electric engine. The ELF can go up to 30 mph combining pedal and electric power.
Only a few dozen were produced up to date because they are at this time manually manufactured and only one unit is ready to go every day.

The base price of this vehicle resembling to Fred Flintstone’s foot-mobile is $5,000. Another $1,000 is the delivery charge.
This vehicle was projected to be the solution for people which for various motivations are not comfortable to use a bike. It’s a strong answer to the actual environmental preserving preoccupations because it is totally green in exploitation.
According the laws, ELF can’t be used on a sidewalk or on the off-street bike trails or bike routes. It must be parked off the street.

Mark Stewart, a 65 year old family therapist and school psychologist from Cambridge, Massachusetts, decided to drive his new ELF bike more than 1,200 miles on trails and roads using the East Coast Greenway.

On their official website, the Organic Transit team are very proud to present the ELF.


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