iPhone related death cases on the rise


Wu Jiantong is a Chinese man who wanted to charge his iPhone 4 at home this Monday. His sister, who was living with him in the same home, said that before entering the coma Wu succeeded to shout that there was an electric shock as he fell to the ground. The man’s sister also added that the charger was not an original Apple charger.

A similar case was brought to the public’s attention back when news about the death of the young, 23 years old, Ma Ailun appeared on the internet. The information was provided by her sister that wanted to advise all iPhone users not make calls while their phone is being charged.

Young Ma Ailun bought the iPhone 5 handset in December last year from an Apple representative.It is known that all products belonging to the Apple brand are sold very quickly in China.

Apple expressed already its sorrow on the death of the young Ma Ailun and said that will start a complex investigation but also stated that they will cooperate with authorities.


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