Company promotes knock-off with cheap iPhone pictures and rumors


The current generation iPhone 5 has great specs and while it is considered to be a bit pricey so are all of Apple’s products. Apple promotes a certain image where quality comes first. Most experts agree that this is a good enough reason why the company wouldn’t venture in the cheap smartphone market.

However, there are still many people who dream about a cheap iPhone that would be, if possible almost identical excluding the price tag, with the current one. So called leaked iPhone specs are usually the creation of people who fall in this category.

A recent video shows what could actually be a cheap iPhone version of the current iteration. The phone is one solid piece with a rounded plastic back cover. In all other aspects it looks similar to the iPhone 5. In the end the video proves to be nothing more than an advertisement for a iPhone knock-off. The company called Big Bear saw the opportunity and it decided to use this buzz created around a possible cheap iPhone to promote.

Link to video on Vimeo:


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