Microsoft is preparing to launch the updated Windows 8.1


Mainly, this will be the return to the Start button missed on Windows 8 and this will enable an easy access to all applications installed on the computer. Overall, Windows keeps the current tablet style that is the new standard imposed Microsoft designers.

On the updated Windows 8.1 version, users can decide the screen area size allowed for each application when working with multiple programs at the same time. The search function was modified and enriched too.
Because tablets are conquering the market (it is anticipated that this year tablets will outsell the laptop computers), Windows 8.1 was adapted to work starting with 7 to 8 diagonal inches.

Rumors are that Microsoft is also preparing their own tablet based on the new chip called Haswell, produced by Intel Corp.
Just to remember, the previous Windows 8 , launched on October 26 last year. It gave priority to touch controls over the mouse and the keyboard and the Windows 8.1 has them too.
News about Windows 8.1 were made public in a three day Microsoft conference that began on Wednesday in San Francisco.


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