Lenovo Aims at entering into the U.S. Smartphone Market



With the decline in the demand for traditional PCs, Lenovo is pushing hard to make an aggressive entrance into the smartphone market. The company understands the amount of money people spends these days behind mobile devices. Moreover, the sluggish economy is also pushing the corporate office to purchase PCs and rather go for smartphones.

In an interview, the Chief Executive of the company said that, in spite of Lenovo’s outstanding performance in the PC industry, it’s the demand of the time to enter the smartphone industry for long-term growth.

In spite of the fact that, Lenovo will be a late comer to the smartphone industry, it is already the 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer in China, led by Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung.

Since 2012, the China based group started expanding their smartphone business globally. The company started with their presence in emerging economies such as, India, Indonesia and Russia. The next big step for the company is to enter into the highly competitive market of the United States.




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