More than 10 million Units of Samsung Galaxy S4 sold in first month



The figures for the first month sales have outnumbered those of previous installments of the phone. S4’s predecessor, Galaxy S3 reached the 10 million feat after 50 days of its launch in 2012. S3’s predecessor, S2 achieved the same in 5 months and the first installment of the Galaxy series reached the 10 million mark in 7 months.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now offered in 100 different countries and will gradually be offered to 45 more countries bringing the total number to 155.

The latest installment of Samsung Galaxy phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch full HD Super AMOLED display combined with dual camera features and integrated with features such as Air Gesture and Air View.

The company is expected to bring out more colors of the phone. Some of the new colors are expected to include Blue Arctic, Red Aurora, Brown Autumn and Purple Mirage.



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