Seagate announced industry’s first 3.5 inch 4TB HDD


Besides delivering a high capacity the hard drive is also very reliable having an advertised annual failure rate of 0.55 percent or less. Another key point that makes the drive attractive for the home user is the fact that it’s very quiet. According to its specifications, the HDD runs almost silent and generates at most 2.3 decibels. This means our ear can’t possibly hear it although a dog can still hear it running.

The third and final thing that will surely make anyone want the drive is its reliability. Seagate’s Video HDD supports having up to sixteen HD video streams running at the same time. And to top everything Seagate promises the drive can easily manage non-stop operations.

In a statement Scott Horn, Seagate’s marketing veep, explained how the company managed to make this product: “We’ve combined our knowledge on heat, acoustics and power to deliver what we believe to be the most reliable DVR drive in the world”


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