Google+ introduces new design and new features


Don’t freak out when you find out some of +’s new features. Probably the most-loved add-on will be  “Auto awesome”. This is a feature that will automatically make your pictures better by tweaking and even enhancing them. Some critics who got to play with these new features loved “Auto awesome” so much that they compared it with the effects that made Instagram famous in the first place.

Other cool things + will automatically do once you upload images are:


  • scan photos you upload and tag them automatically after an image recognition process
  • face detection and auto-blurring to hide skin defects
  • creates animated gif files out of photos taken in a short period of time
  • creates auto panorama and HDR photos
  • automatically skips duplicate or blurry photos out of a set


If you still don’t think this is one of the best changes ever then wait until you hear this. managed to integrate its messaging service Hangouts into the current + design. And if you hate browsing + from your browser then you can now download the Android or iOS app.



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