Google released its Google Assistant service Google Now for iOS


Siri won’t be replaced just yet by this new service is offering but if one could make Siri understand something then Siri would be warned to watch out! ’s service was available for some time for Android users. used this past experience to remodel its personal Google Assistant service in what it is today.

The service will learn your routines and habits and like Siri it will provide the information you seek without the need for you to search for it. It can do lots of things: from fetching the weather to finding out the shortest route to your home/work while taking into consideration the traffic.

Last week Larry Page, Google’s CEO, explained that Google’s main goal is “to get you the right information, at just the right time”. For iOS Google managed to bring that design we all got used to on its Android version. Google managed to clearly focus on a simple and clean design that delivers everything it promises too. With its fresh and modern font Google managed to prove it uses a mature design language across all its products.


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