Google Glass jailbroken by few already


While at this stage it is still unclear what type of restrictions will set up for the commercial variant of the device Freeman, aka “Saurik”, explains that having root will at least grant the possibility of storing files locally or remotely on other devices connected via Bluetooth instead of having to rely on ’s servers.

Reportedly the device was jail-broken within two hours while Freeman was having dinner with some friends. The hack uses an exploit created by a hacker named B1nary. Saurik just studied this exploit which was intended to be used on mobile phones and tablets and after learning how the exploit worked he did the same thing on the Glass headset. Freeman was not the first to root the device. Reportedly few others managed to jailbreak it before him.

Google Glass has already generated great reviews. Robert Scoble used it for two-weeks and after that he confessed he “will never live a day of my life from now on without it (or a competitor). It’s that significant”. It is suspected that the device will be more commerce-based as ads are currently forbidden to be used by any developer. The final price could be anywhere between $200-$500. It all depends on Google’s final strategy for its Google Glass headset.


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