Google Forbids Loaning/ Reselling Glass Eyewear


The terms of service state that the resell, transference, loaning or giving the device to another person is strictly forbidden. If the user breaches this clause without authorization from the company can have the device deactivated, without a refund entitlement to the product owner. The breach of the clause will also lead to a breach in the product warranty as well as the loss of product support entitlement.

The company would know if the device was transferred because each is specifically registered to the user’s account. At the moment, the purchase of ’s Glass eyewear Explorer edition is also limited to those who post savvy updates on social media using the #ifihadglass hashtag. has not commented over the issue and the terms of services came to light when one would-be owner of the Glass eyewear took down an eBay auction on the device citing fear of reprisals from the company.

Ed, the would-be owner, had received a tweet from Google telling him that he had been accepted into the ownership program. He decided to pre-sell the device at a possibly higher price and started with a $5,000 bid which had shot up to $90,000 before he closed the auction after finding out about the terms of service that came with the device.


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