Record Drop in PC sales, Windows 8 and Tablets blamed



The figures were released by market research firm IDC who has been tracking and publishing these figures since 1994. As a matter of fact, this drop is the largest since the firm started monitoring the Computer sales market.

In accordance to the report published by IDC, of all the PC manufacturers, Lenovo was the only one to report a year-on-year growth. Other major manufacturers such as, Dell, HP and Toshiba all experienced negative growth.

An interesting fact is IDC also monitors the sale of Apple computers and according to the IDC reports, the tech giants suffered a less decline compared to the rest.  So, industry experts are suggesting that it has to do with the new operating system introduced by Microsoft since Apple certainly doesn’t use that on their laptops and computers.

In addition to the failure of Microsoft’s latest Operating System, Windows 8, experts also suggested that, consumers’ preference towards tablet PCs might have acted as a catalyst in the declining of computer sales.



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