Cinemas, Strip Clubs and Casinos Ban Google Glass Ahead Of Its Release


Glass has been long anticipated by tech lovers, because it will enhance how people interconnect and share their world with the rest of the world. The tech-wear comes with a photo and video recording function which allows the user to discretely take photos or videos of their surroundings and share it with the rest of the world.

The discrete taking of videos and photos is what has many establishments up in arms against the use of the device within their premises. Since the device does not emit a red hue or sound to alert those around the user that they are being photographed or recorded, these establishments fear that it will compromise on the privacy of their patrons. Cinemas say that it will make bootlegging movies much easier while casinos feared that it could be used to gain unfair advantage by cheaters. Some establishments have said that patrons will be required to check in their eyewear at the door before they gain admittance.
Glass is expected to be launched in early 2014 and it its possible price has been set at $1500.


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