Windows Blue Early Build Leaked Online


The leaked screenshots show that the Windows Blue build will be a 32-bit edition accompanied by a 2.63 Gigabyte ISO file. It is also thought that the user interface will come with resizable live tiles, because both large and small tiles are incorporated into the screenshot. The OS will also likely come with customizable options for the accent and background colors. Another noticeable addition will be the iPad-like Picture Frame style which will allow the user to play image slideshows on lock screen.
Under the charms menu, a ‘Play’ option has been added as well as an option for users to create screenshots. The multi-viewing/ multitasking mode will go through an update offering a 50-50 view of two apps. The OS will also come with Internet Explorer 11 and the web browser will most notably feature synced tabs like Safari and Chrome have.

A preview of the Windows Blue is expected to be released soon by Microsoft and the final product will probably be available before the end of summer.


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