‘Generation C’ Boosts YouTube Views to a Billion Monthly Views


However, Gfk said that 45% of the Gen C in the U.S views less than 2 hours of TV daily compared to how much time they spend watching YouTube videos. When 3G phones were introduced into the market a decade ago analysts had forecasted that it would encourage people to watch live TV through their phones. The study led to increased marketing of TV viewership through mobile devices, but the marketing did not seem to pay off. YouTube viewership filled the gap, with thousands of smartphone users said to watch YouTube videos through their phones as compared to PCs.

The Nielsen Research Group noted that unlike the previous Generation Y and X, Gen C is not defined by demographics rather by its ‘connected behavior.’ However, it was noted that Gen C is primarily made up of individuals who are about 18 to 34 years because they are the group who have embraced the multiscreen world through smartphones, PCs and tablets. With the increase of more carriers offering 4G services in the UK, video viewing over smartphone is also expected to increase in the UK.


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