Google Fiber to Expand To Olathe, Kansas


Yesterday, announced that their Fiber internet services will be extended to Olathe residents’ minutes after getting approval from the local council. However, the extension will happen in the future because the company said that it still has ‘a lot of planning and engineering work’ to complete.

The search engine giant explained that the expansion to Olathe will lead to local business growth as well as job creation. The company did not give any timeline on when engineering will be in place, but once construction starts they will publish the details. also hopes to expand its Fiber services to Mission Woods, Westwood and Westwood Kansas soon.

Whether will extend these services out of Kansas will soon be known. With the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) recent call on Internet Service Providers and the U.S. government to strive towards providing gigabit Ethernet Internet speeds by 2015 in each state, it seems highly likely that the search engine company will expand its services outside Kansas in the near future.


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