Biometric Scanners Fooled By Fake Fingers in Brazil


It is said that the hospital’s staff have used the fingers to clock in more than 300 phantom staff members into the hospital. The 5 doctors behind the incident have since been suspended for covering for their absentee colleagues. The interviewee on Globo Television, a woman doctor, reportedly told the police that six other doctors had also been involved in the scam. The woman said that she was an unwilling participant in the scam, with the other doctors giving her the ultimatum to act with them on the scam or risk losing her job.

Other reports claimed that the head of the hospital’s emergency room was the mastermind behind the scam. It is also claimed that the head of the ER’s daughter had not clocked into work for over 3 years and she was still getting paid as any other staff member who showed up for work.


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