Samsung teases the world with a shadowy image of Samsung Galaxy S IV on Twitter



The shadowy image is the first official teaser from Samsung with a lot of unofficial sneak peeks in the past few weeks.

The new flagship phone from Samsung is all set to debut on Thursday. The much hyped phone’s first official appearance has an uncanny resemblance to its predecessor Galaxy S III and looks like a larger version of it. The teaser photo shows that the new installment of Samsung S series has the same thin plastic cladding as S III had with a removable battery and back plate.

Rumors have circulating for weeks anticipating the new Galaxy phone from Samsung. One of the stronger rumors suggested that Galaxy S IV will be having a quad-core processor from Qualcomm or Samsung.

Samsung is expected to integrate SwiftKey‘s keyboard into the Galaxy S IV’s software as it already did with its predecessor S III and the tab from Samsung, Note II. Now, it’s a matter of time to see whether Samsung’s new flagship device can create the same buzz as iPhone 5 or not.




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