PlayStation 4 will be unveiled this month



This Thursday, after Sony released the forty-five second teaser video which hints that a major event will happen on February 20th 2013, a lot of buzz has been created around the next generation console. Sony even posted a Twitter update entitled “see the future”. Having a Sony Play Station 4 launched in February means that Sony will have a one month head start over Microsoft.

Although Sony did not release too many details in regards to its next gaming console PlayStation 4 some details were made public. Play Station 4 will not come with major hardware improvements. We should expect a console similar to Play Station 3 that it is more orientated towards integrating social gaming aspects. And because the new console will have a different chipset and graphics chip it can be possible that backward compatibility will not be ensured.

Not having the new console backward compatible with Sony PlayStation 3 games will surely mean many people won’t buy the console. But those who will buy it will have to stock up with new games. It still remains to be seen whether Sony will decide to go down this path or not.



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