Safety test flights for Boeing 737 Max to begin before recertification by the FAA

Flight safety tests are expected to begin for Boeing 737 Max on three days of  tests by pilots and technical experts from regulators and the company. Aviation regulators grounded the 737 Max about 15 months ag

o following two crashes , a Lion Air flight and an Ethiopian Airlines flight , within five months of each other. Investigators blamed faults in the flight control system, which Boeing has been overhauling for months in order to meet new safety demands. Pilots and test crew members from Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will board a 737 Max 7 outfitted with special test equipment at Boeing Field near Seattle. The flight plan may also include touch-and-go landings at the eastern Washington airport in Moses Lake and a path over the Pacific Ocean coastline. Both the FAA, which is leading the testing, and Boeing, are hopeful that the process will get under way on Monday.


The FAA confirmed Sunday to the US Congress that it had approved key certification test flights for the grounded 737 Max. However, The European Aviation Safety Agency has maintained that clearance by the FAA will not automatically mean a clearance to fly in Europe.