Salad recall in the U.S. after many customers were infected


The US Food and Drug Administration had been warning customers not to eat certain store brand garden salad mixes sold by ALDI, HY-Vee, and Jewel-Osco.

The mix, which is produced by Fresh Express, was also sold at Walmart stores under different brand names.Twenty three people have been hospitalized and 206 have lab-confirmed infections with Cyclospora. Cyclospora is a microscopic parasite that can cause diarrhea lasting a few days to a month or longer.The products, which are made up of iceberg lettuce and may include red cabbage and carrots, have now all been voluntarily recalled by each of the stores. The CDC and FDA continue to investigate to determine if other products are connected to this outbreak.

13 products that have been recalled: UPC DESCRIPTION SIZE; 0-07450-24669 HY-VEE SOUTHWEST CHOPPED SALAD KIT 13.4 OZ; 0-07545-12053 HY-VEE SHREDDED ICEBERG 8 OZ; 0-75450-08530 HY-VEE VEGGIE DELUXE SALAD 12 OZ; 0-75450-12046 HY-VEE GREENER SUPREME BLEND 12 OZ; 0-75450-12047 HYVEE AMERICAN BLEND SALAD 12 OZ; 0-75450-12048 HY-VEE ITALIAN BLEND SALAD 10 OZ; 0-75450-12051 HY-VEE COLESLAW MIX 16 OZ; 0-75450-12058 HY-VEE ROMAINE GARDEN SALAD 12 OZ; 0-75450-24668 HYVEE ASIAN CHOPPED SALAD KIT 13.7 OZ; 0-7545024672 HY-VEE CHIPOTLE CHEDDAR CHOPPED KIT 11.4 OZ; 0-75450-24674 HY-VEE GARDEN SALAD 12 OZ; 0-75450-24715 HY-VEE AVOCADO RANCH CHOPPED KIT 12.8 OZ. No other Hy-Vee branded salads are impacted by today’s recall.


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