Diablo 3 Launch day


Yesterday evening dozens of people stood for hours waiting for the stores to let them in to buy a copy of the most anticipated game of the year: Diablo 3. All around the world when the start for the launch was given fans rushed in to make sure they grab the game and get to play Diablo 3.

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Nintendo 3DS Handheld to Be Released March 27

The next generation of handheld gaming is all set to begin on March 27 with the American release of the 3DS, the all new and more powerful portable gaming device of Nintendo. Available in Aqua Blue or Cosmo Black Designs, the Nintendo 3DS will carry a tag price of $249.99 per unit and will be available at all retailers around the nation.

Like its predecessor, the DS, the 3DS comes with two screens that emphasize the gaming experience on the part of players. The bottom screen uses the same touch screen and telescoping stylus the DS has become known for. The upper screen shows not only crystal clear visuals but also displays 3D images and effects that gamers can see and enjoy without the need for 3D glasses. The 3D effects are adjustable with a control located near the screen and with it gamers can set the amount of 3D visuals they want to see or can even turn it all off. Another worthy addition to the device is the Circle Pad (located near the directional pad) which offers players a full 360 degrees of direction that can be useful when it comes to dealing with games or activities in full 3D worlds or environments.

Other than having very promising features, the Nintendo 3DS will be launching with a full lineup of games that include Nintendogs + Cats, Pilotwings Resort and Steel Diver to name a few. 3rd party support at this stage is very strong with over twenty titles to be released this year including Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D, Madden NFL Football, Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, and much more.

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iPad or Kindle fire: Choose Yourself

Kindle Fire is the first product brought by Amazon which is the first to compete with Apples iPad and there comparison is discussed bellow.

Now a day in our modern life we always want to have latest electronic devices in our hand. And out of them the most common choice for all is the Apple iPad. There was no other device in the market that could bit Apples iPad but now the Kindle Fire from Amazon is perceived widely to be the first competitor of it. But which one is better than the other and which one you should buy as a shopper in these holidays will be decided by you. We can help you by informing you about different aspects of both the devices. The comparison is as follows

The firs comparison begins with the hardware of both the devices. The hard ware of the Kindle Fire is made of half inch thick black plastic with rubber back which makes it easy to grab. This cheaper look gives it advantages on dropping it because for this the possibility of damaging the device is less than iPad. It is also small in size which helps you to carry it anywhere and very easily unlike the iPad. There is no camera in the Kindle but there are two cameras on iPad. The storage capacity is capacity is 8GB in the Kindle Fire which is less than any iPad and there is no eternal slot for expending the memory too. Amazon expects users to use Amazons cloud to access their media.

The books in the Amazon Kindle Fire are as excellent as the books in the Amazon. Apple has developed their iBookstore but still now it cannot come near to the Amazon. And the prices for the Amazons e-books are also cheaper than Apple.

The apps in the Fire are very much painful because the quality is not even near to iOS App Store. There most of the apps were designed to run in Android phones and it needs to resize to be used in Fire and to fit its bigger screen. They need to develop their apps to survive in the market because in this case the iPad is far more advanced.

The price is a big deal and in this case if you want a tablet in cheap rate then Fire is the one you are seeking for. It is $300 less than the cheapest iPad in the market. But when you go for design, power, looks and beauty then iPad is the one.

Now it’s your choice to select the best one for you and enjoy your holidays with it.

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