Data of millions EasyJet customers were stolen

Hackers have stolen the data of  9  millions of  British airline EasyJet customers. That means thousands of credit card details and other info, as email address and travel details.

The airline did not disclose when the attack happened or how long it lasted. EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren apologized to customers. EasyJet said that it has already closed off the unauthorized access that allowed the data breach. The company offered support to affected persons. There is no evidence that any personal information of any nature has been misused. "As a result, and on the recommendation of the ICO, we are contacting those customers whose travel information was accessed and we are advising them to be extra vigilant, particularly if they receive unsolicited communications," EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren declared.


“We will continue to invest in protecting our customers, our systems, and our data,” he added. Criminals could imitate the company’s emails as part of a scam. The incident is investigated. A spokesperson for the UK’s data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office, confirmed that the agency is currently investigating the cyber attack.  EasyJet grounded all 334 of its planes in Europe in March as a result of travel restrictions across the region due to the pandemic.