Russian hackers accused for using software to stole big money

The U.S. Justice and Treasury departments took action Thursday against a Russian hacking group known as “Evil Corp.,” which stole “at least” $100 million from banks using malicious software.

The action targets 17 individuals associated with the organization, including Evil Corp.’s leader, Maksim Yakubets. Seven “entities,” including companies associated with a group member were also targeted. They used malware to steal millions of dollars in more than 40 countries. Thursday’s accusation came after a multi-year investigation conducted by the FBI and the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Cyber Security Center of Great Britain.


Two leading members of Evil Corp, Maksim Yakubets of Moscow and Igor Turashev from the Russian city Yoshkar-Ola, were charged with bank fraud and also sanctioned by the treasury department for developing and distributing the Dridex malware. It was developed by the group and was spread through a massive phishing operation, where targets were infected after clicking on internet links. Yakubets and Turashev are both still at large. The Russian hacker is also alleged to have used the Zeus malware to successfully steal big money. Prosecutors said Evil Corp was to blame for an “unimaginable” amount of cybercrime during the past decade. The State Department announced a $5 million reward for information related to the capture of Yakubets.