TwitPic malware flag led to Twitter pages being blocked by Google


The site was marked as suspicious in ’s SafeBrowsing database but the comment added next to its entry was also suspicious because it read: “Malware content hasn’t been found on the in the past 90 days”

Many users world-wide noticed the ban right-away and contacted about this. un-flagged TwitPic at 8:09 PM ET and now its malware scanner shows the site is OK. TwitPic immediately tweeted the following on their official Twitter channel: “We’ve heard from and they have removed the block. Access to TwitPic should be restored…”

Security experts are still unsure what the reason behind the TwitPic malware flag was. While some noted that the site had some commented advertisement code that could have very well been the source of a malware attack, others believe the flag was attributed because Google was overly sensitive to potential threats. Until Google offers an official statement we won’t know whether this was a false positive or not.


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