Hacker convicted in the AT&T security breach case


The sentence will be carried out in February next year. Andrew Auernheimer could get up to 10 years in jail on the two given sentences. The AT&T hacker is not happy with the outcome and plans to appeal the decision. Auernheimer declared to the press that all he did was to harvest some publicly available data from AT&T. He further added that he did not bypass any kind of security as AT&T did not have such a security system set up.

The reason why Andrew Auernheimer and a friend of his were able to get 120000 iPad owner email addresses is because AT&T automatically linked a user’s email with a unique id associated to an individual iPad. While AT&T wanted to provide a faster way for iPad users to load AT&T pages, people like Andrew Auernheimer saw a weakness and they exploited it. This security hole allowed the AT&T hackers to capture emails after bombing AT&T servers with random sets of logins.


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